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 Site is back up to speed more or less. Still need to add a couple dolls back in (will not be able to go all the way back though) and will be adding an info page about the site and for those interested in shooting for the site.

Added some new images to the B/W gallery as well. Will be adding more to color and added a new gallery. Art up close will be just that, a close look of some of the art from the women I shoot. I hope to include artist information as well with these photos.

I will soon also have a links page up but will be selective on who we link to. Still considering advertisement banners at the very bottom of the page, so if you are tattoo related and want to advertise (cheap) let me know.

Thanks for everyones continued support and patronage. Continue supporting by clicking on any ads you see on the site and checking them out (not cheap to run the site) 

Beautiful young lady you see here, just added, is Gigi Marie. You can see more of her on our sister site  

Skin&Ink Yearbook

 Skin&Ink has come out with their first ever Yearbook issue. Out on stands now it is 192 pages featuring reprints and highlights for the issues of 2007.

Among my stuff you can see reprints of the Dolls: Lindsey Lou, Ashley (calypso) and Davonna. As well as reprint of Jessica's cover. On the cover collage pages you can catch a glimpse of Sandee, Ariel, Dominique, Lesli, Pam and Marney.

Still working on piecing the site back together, almost there and then will be adding new photos from the past few months! 

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