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Welcome to the new Site! PDF Print E-mail

The female canvas has been going for almost 2 years now and has grown in popularity steadily. Every site needs to be refreshed now and then so I decided to give ours an overhual. I hope it is pleasing to everyone. There are still some things Im considering and may be added or removed in the next few weeks.

  • Front splash page. I may put it back up as a buffer and warning to visitors that nudity may be involved, with of course a new cover girl every so often
  • Registration. Right now registration has no benifits to the user, this may change in the near future. I may make the download page available to members only (this will happen this week). A forum may be added? Dont know yet, ideas?
  • The store is part way open. I will be adding prints and stuff and a link to our cafepress shop
  • Going to feature a 'canvas' monthly seperate for the Skin&Ink Dolls with an intervie, artist listing and more photos.
  • Pay Section for even more photos
  • any ideas? Keep in mind the focuse of the site is my photography (Im selfish that way)


I will be having a little bit of advertisments on the site to help pay for bandwidth and hosting. I will try keeping it at a minimum but click on them and check them out! 

Any ideas or suggestion please feel free to email me. I will continue to add 4 or 5 girls a month if I can.



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