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Special Thanks!
Monday, 02 April 2007

Want to give a special thanks to all the ladies that have graciously posed for this site.
(in no particullar order)

 Ariel Denie Lesli Casey Ima
Kristen Kristin Joanne Shannon Sandee
Lidsey Sandra Aubrey Devon Mailena
Bridgett Brin Ashley Caroline Casper
Caterra Charron Cheorkee Chloe  Julia
Danielle Eileen Eva Gerine Heather
Jade Jessa Jess Jessica Kaci
Kaitlyn Vanessa Katie Christal Kelly
Kim Mary Mariana Niole Nikki
Paige Miss Pixie Pam Pammy Renee
Sara Shannon Stacey Torrey Susan
Tina Valeri Wendy Vanessa Mandee
Kristee Yvonne Cassie Marney Vanessa Vixen
Drea Natalie Addams Johnie Ambra Brittni
Sara H

If I missed anyone, Im truely sorry, let me know!

Artists whos work is represented on this site (links can be found on the duh, links page)

 Greg Nicola @ Ultimate Tattoo  Shannon ALta Dena @ ShangriLa Tattoo  Jarod @ Fontana Tattoo
 Nick Fish @ Absolute Tattoo  Brad Schneider @ 454 Tattoo  Mike Sirot @ Above All Tattoo
 Brady Willmott @ Inkademic  Brizo @ In Skin Tattoo  Tony @ Skin Stainz Ink
 Ugly Bill @ Chronic Tattoo  Stevie Odell @ American Tatto  brent hefner
 Turk @ Guru Tatto  Tattoo Mike @ Chronic Tattoo Clark Kent @ Chronic Tattoo
 Eric @ Ocean Beach Tattoo  Luca @ HD Tattoo  Reyjon Keeton @ Monkeys Ink
 Trevor @ ColorBomb  Sandy Jones @ Slingers Ink Kelly Jordan @ Avalon Tattoo

This is just starting so If I miss someone let me know, Girls if I havent received your artist(s) names please send them =o)

All Rights Reserved 2007 The Female Canvas, Cosmic Frogs Photography/Jeff Davidson