Sept '08 Skin&Ink Doll


   I think for any one individual tattoos can hold such different meaning. I feel each of my tattoos represents another step through life or just as a reminder of those things past, and all those things to come. I am inspired by all things in life and find there is nothing more beautiful than having the body modifications to share it. After spending years painting and sculpting, drawing and seeking new art, I found that one of the most fulfilling art forms is to be able to carry it with you forever. Itís a life long commitment and made for those ready to share it.

I first started looking into tattooing right after high school when I realized the days of art classes and having the freedom to take as long as you want to finish a project were over. I had always been fascinated with body modification and had to check it out. I went looking for the perfect tattoo shop and the perfect artist. When I came across Paul at Chronic Tattoo, I felt right at home and knew I was ready to go in head first. Paul is amazing and did all my first tattoos, nothing to big or elaborate, but beautiful none-the-less. I knew I had to have an artist willing to work with my own art work and ideas. I have never been interested in flash off a wall, but something much closer to my heart.

I have since been working with Greg at Ultimate Tattoo. I met him with a group of friends and he helped show me ďthe ropesĒ and inner-workings of tattoo shops. He has done some monumental work on me and I have plans of many more to come. I love my ink and itís femininity. I have all things from inner inspiration to the things I strive for in life. I have tattoos to remind me of life and itís harshness, as well as the beautiful things I hope for.

Tattoos are not always seen in the best of ways, but should always be appreciated and respected. It is a beautiful art form and should be valued as nothing less. My body is my story and as we age I will never forget where I have been and where I am going.