This site is a personal gallery of my photography of tattoo art and the female body. I started off photographing youth sports and in between seasons began doing portraits and working with models. I have always enjoyed capturing the height of action and the joy of kids engaged in their favorite sport, but there is a different joy in creating art and no better subject than women. Add to the beauty of the female body the artwork of tattoos and you have a true masterpiece.

The work on this site is a collection that I started as a personal project. More and more women are getting tattoos these days, ranging from the gothic to the house mom. In these images I range from focusing on the artwork to the personality of the women; from showcasing the woman in her barest form to the highest fashion while always emphasizing the beauty of the female form.

If you have a tattoo of any size, are over the age of 18, and would like to be a part of this project, please send me an email with a description of your tattoo to [email protected]. Photo shoots typically will not last longer than an hour and if selected you will receive a couple images from your session. You do not have to be a model, in fact I am looking for the everyday woman, and nudity is not a requirement (although implied might be needed to show your artwork).

I hope you enjoy the images on this site and come back often to view new work as it is added.

Please note some images may have some tasteful nudity. If the nude female body offends you, please leave the site now.

New candid coming soon to show random shots of women outside the studio and inside the tattoo shop.


"Female beauty is an important Minor Sacrament which cannot be received too often; I am not at all sure that neglect of it does not constitute a sin of some kind"

~Robertson Davies


To the gallery...

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