Say hello to Rachel, she graced our site years ago with her sleeves. As you can see from the recent images she has added some more ink! She Is also in our members gallery and I’ll be adding some more from this latest shoot this month!


Most kids would beg for quarters for the candy or toy machines, but I always had my eye on the temporary tattoo ones. I am the youngest of five kids, born and raised in an East Texas town called Tyler known as “the rose capital of the Nation”. From the start my dad, who had two tattoos from his time in the service, tried his best to discourage me but he could never offer up a compelling enough argument against them. I got my first tattoo at 19, and had been to two different artists but didn’t really branch into the art until I was 21 when I moved to Carlsbad, CA and met the truly awe inspiring artist Chris Earnhart. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has been my favorite story since I was a kid and when I saw Chris’ portrait work I knew he was the one to trust, and have not been to another artist since.

One of my most entertaining experiences with people’s reactions to my tattoos would have to be when I went to Mumbai, India for work a few years ago. Though the culture is exceptionally colorful, I saw very little permanent body art. Every time I would go to work or out to explore with exposed arms, I would be stopped and asked “Where I got my paint?” When I would tell them it was permanent, the reactions were more often then not a fantastic combination between confusion and amazement. One time when I was at one of the street markets, a vendor actually took me by the hand and dragged me to the opposite end of the row of shops to show me to one of her friends where they both started scratching at my roses to see if they would come off.

Aside from a deep love of body art, I am also a giant nerd with passions running from online RPGs, steampunk and cyberpunk, science (mostly the mad sort), pirate lore, cosplay, comics, and all manner of book and movie genres. I never seem to lose interest for things either, which gets expensive but is well worth it. One of my projects to be is starting a Harley Quinn cosplay portfolio. Though I currently work at a company where I have to keep my tattoos and gauged ears covered, I have always wanted to be an actress and/or model.

Additional Likes:

Maniacally laughing atop a building in a lighting storm
Debating “fictional” scenarios


Phrases like “You don’t look like that type”
Bad remakes of good movies
Most Reality T.V.

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