March Female CanvasSay hello to Heahter, another beautiful lady Ive known for a while. First met she was just starting her side pieces, Came back into the studio this past month sporting a almost full bodysuit, and she’s still working on it!


I’ve wanted to be covered in ink for as long as I can remember but I never thought I would be this covered. I love the thought of a man who wears a suit & tie everyday but underneath all that is a full bodysuit of ink. I want that but in my own girly way.

The last 4 years I have been working on my mini suit with my artists Greg Nicola. It started as a large black & gray side piece of a 1920s female gangster who just killed the God Father becoming the 1st God Mother. J After that I wanted a color piece to fulfill my obsession with Alice in Wonderland. My suit has been growing ever since & I planned my suit to be able to be covered if I felt the need; which I don’t!

I am a Costume Designer for a major Halloween costume company.  I am blessed to work in such a creative industry. I started out as an Assistant Designer right after graduating from Fashion Careers College. I paid my dues & was promoted to Costume Designer last summer. I don’t plan on staying in the Halloween biz forever; I ultimately want to design for movies & television shows. I want to see my name in the credits! One day I hope to have my own label. I have been published in local magazines, web sites, blogs  & featured on local news segments for fashion show I have participated in.

I am a small town girl; born & raised in the state of Maine. I married my high school sweetheart; we have been married for 10 years now. He joined the Navy & we eloped when we were 19. No kids yet, which shocks everyone. Since we were so young when we married, we haven’t felt the need to rush into parenthood. We are just 2 big kids who can’t grow up.

I am extremely fortunate that my husband still finds me sexy after 10 plus year together.  With him being in the Navy & deployed for more then 6 months at a time, I have become a stronger & more independent women. Which means I have no tolerance for bull shit & ignorance.

Like every other heavily tattooed women, I get asked this question all the freakin time! “What are you going to think of yourself when your old with grandkids?” Answer: I’m going to be the coolest granny on the block & I’m enjoying my life now wile I’m still able too. I try to do what most people only dream of doing; such as winning 1st place in the Best Large Color Tattoo Category at the San Diego Body Art Expo in 2011.

I hope to compete at more Tattoo Conventions in the future.


Tattoo culture
Horror flicks


People who don’t use their turning signal in a vehicle
Spoiled brats with mommy & daddy’s credit card
Poor manners

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