July '08 Skin&Ink Doll


  I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen years old. My boyfriend at the time did it for me with a homemade tattoo machine. He tattooed little cherries on my right butt cheek. As silly as it sound, I remember thinking, wow! I've never loved my butt more!

The summer I turned eighteen, my brother Paul took me to get my first "real" tattoo. I got dark angel wings on my upper back. My mother with three sons already heavily tattooed, would always tell me, "You're my first baby girl, no tattoos on that pretty skin!" All summer I didnt go to the beach or pool, so my mother wouldnt see the ink on my back. Since then, I have added much more to this masterpiece, and I'm not even close to finished. My mother now has an understanding of the art, and is quick to defend the beauty of it, when she feels others are not accepting.

My wardrobe consists of many long-sleeved shirts and sweaters for the work world. Im hoping one day body art will be more accepted and 'll be able to wear these clothes only during the winter season. People ask the same questions all the time: "do you regret it? What about when you are eighty?" No, I do not regret any of my tattoos. I get tattoos of things I love and feel are a part of me at this time in my life. These are things I never want to forget and will definitely never regret. And as for being eighty with tattoos, I dont't think I'll be the only one., especially in this generation. I'll tell you one thing, we are going to make some pretty hip grandparents!


June '08 Skin&Ink Doll


  Iíve always been fascinated with tattoos. They were something that stood out to me for as long as I can remember. I just thought that it was awesome that you could turn your body into a work of artÖso thatís I am doing!

came from a fairly conservative household. No one in my family has tattoos, so they thought it was kind of weird that I had this obsession with them. I think they all thought it would pass as I got older but instead it has become a huge part of my life. Now they are all really supportive of my choices and even embrace any new artwork I get done. And now my younger brother has a big eagle with our family crest on his back because I took him to get his first tattoo for his eighteenth birthday last year. Hey they are pretty addicting!

Iíve been getting tattooed since I was eighteen years old. My first tattoo was a daisy on my lower back that I had drawn up myself when I was fifteen. Once I got that, I knew there would be many more to follow. I eventually got that one covered up with the three roses, panthers and blood that covers my entire lower back thanks to Fella at Absolute Tattoo in San Diego, CA. He also did the lock and key on my hips and the sparrows on my wrists.
Now I am working on getting my arms sleeved. What I have so far was done by Chris a.k.a ďBudĒ who also works at Absolute Tattoo. He has gotten to do the peacock on my left arm and the pin up girl on my right arm. I am obsessed with traditional tattoos and the 1940ís era so my right sleeve well end up reflecting that. I canít wait to get it finished! Hopefully Ill get to come back and do a shoot for Skin & Ink again after its complete!

s far as my plans for the future, I donít have any. I certainly plan on getting more work done. I look at my body right now and see so much potential. Iím young and have a lot of available space left on my body. So we well see what I end up with in a few years.

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