Sept '09 Skin&Ink Doll


 Once my first tattoo was started I knew I was hooked and jonesing for more.  I love tattoos.  They are such an amazing way to capture parts of my life on my body.  Trials, tribulations, drunken shananagains, the love of all things girly and good times are represented in every one of my tattoos.
     My first tattoo was my entire back piece.  It is still a work in progress and it has been so rad watching it come to life.  Opie Ortiz from American Beauty is the tattoo artist creating and getting down on it.  He is a phenomenal artist and I love seeing what results from our collaborations of ideas.  I got the tattoo on my year anniversary of a horrible car accident I was in.  My front teeth were knocked out, lip bitten off in chunks and many many bones broken.  So when I went to go get the tattoo I figured I was pretty experienced on the pain factor and went whole hog.  I decided on the tiger because to me it represents being a tough cookie, overall beauty and sheer awesome-ness! Opie drew it up to cover my back, we decided on the background together, put some gardenias in there for my Mama and went from there.  I think to me it will always be one of my most inspirational pieces to me.
    Other tattoos I currently have is my day of the dead skulls on my feet which I got done when I first started going to welding and  restoration school. I have pin up stockings on the back of my legs. My knuckles that say Stay True which is a little reminder to myself to always be who I am and not be a weenie. My anarchy sign with leopard print on the top of my left hand to represent my punk roots from Long Beach and LBP.  A little 13 on my thumb from Friday the 13th that Javier did. The inside of my lip says As you wish., a quote from one of my favorite movies.  I have an old school flash bomb on my left arm with a banner that says friends.  My friend Heather has a matching one that says best.  Dave from Ship Shape Tattoo rocked those out for us.  And my most recent one on my left arm is my two lovely pin up dolls that Opie is also doing.  One is a cute little blonde making cupcakes and the other is a dark haired zombie with a plate of brains for whoever is hungry.  I love them. To me they show a couple sides of me and things I enjoy very much.  I do pin up and punk/alt modeling and love seeing the pin ups on my arm. Its a fun reminder of the hard work and great time I have had so far  modeling.
    I plan on continuing to get tattooed.  Maybe I will stop when I am one hundred percent reassured that the undead will never walk the Earth and mad scientist are not in their labs creating dinosaurs. So I don't think I will be stopping anytime soon.  I am very excited for new pieces to come and different ways to express my self on my skin.  Candies, and bunnies and horror, OH MY!

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Aug 09 Skin&Ink Doll


 I was born and raised in San Diego and have no plans on leaving. Itís a place where cultural diversity is celebrated and accepted; furthermore, my influences have never predominantly come from one person, but a whole city.
    I began experimenting with an assortment of piercings when I was 16 years-old, and learned the hard way that my body did not welcome any of the jewelry I was feeding it. Amongst the many varieties of body modifications, I quickly became extremely interested in the art of tattooing. Anticipating my 18th birthday, I was finally capable of embellishing my body with ink. What started out as a 30 minute piece has amounted into over 30 hours of art. With no plans on stopping, itís not where to place my next tattoo, but what itís going to be.
    Growing up as a young teen I became fascinated with pin-up, cars and drag racing. Not even old enough to drive, I began attending illegal street races. The drag racing alone was a huge adrenaline rush, and the fact that everyone had to be prepared for law enforcement intervention made it that much more insane. I always begged to be the flag girl. Standing right in the middle of the two revved up cars, the smell of burning rubber, racing fuel and smoke filling the surrounding air. This undoubtedly had to be the best seat in the house; however, my friends never let me, re-enforcing the fact that it was a $2000 fine if I got caught.
    My ongoing passion for cars and pin-up brought about the idea for my right side piece. I told Greg Nicola, A.K.A. Rabbit, at Ultimate Tattoo what I wanted and it came out even more perfect than I could have ever imagined. It consists of a diner in the background, a pin-up style flag girl in the center and two classic cars smoking their tires at the start line. The flag girl representing me of course, because this is probably the only race Iíll ever get to flag. Just below that I have a Tommy Gun Mobster piece simply because I like it.
    My left side piece is symmetrical to my right side and itís another pin-up inspiration, only this one is a bowling scene. The pins are flying behind the pin-up as she sits on a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes.
    Often times I have people asking me if my tattoos are finally done, and if not then than when? In my opinion no tattoo is truly ever complete, for something can always be added, changed, colored, or covered.
    I donít regret any of my tattoos, and many times just seeing the positive and negative reactions out of people puts a smile on my face. One thingís for sure, going to the beach in a bikini has never been the same since I turned 18.
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