Tattooed Female of the monthGoing off course a bit as this months Canvas is not someone I have personally worked with, yet! Say hello to Stephanie from the great white north


I was born and raised in Eastern Canada.  To be more specific Moncton, New Brunswick.  At 14 years old I asked my mom for my first tattoo…and of course she said no.  She asked me to wait till I was of age which I completely respected and waited.  Growing up no one in my family had tattoos but I have always been drawn to them.  I worked as a body piercer in a tattoo shop where my love for body mods seemed to really take off.  Now I can’t stop thinking about what I am going to get next and where I will put it!!

I work full time doing payroll and accounting and work part time in a pharmacy as a technician.  So many people ask me how I landed such great jobs being so full of tattoos.  I simply reply “my work speaks for itself”.  I am very lucky and thankful that my bosses see me for me and don’t judge me in the least bit.  They know I work my ass off and always give 100%!!

I am very much a mommy and daddy’s girl and I don’t think either of my parents would have it any other way.  I was raised with good values and morals in which are still instilled in me.  I love my parents very much and they are the reason I am where I am today!

I took up modeling a little while back and love to shoot!!  It has really helped build my self confidence and I hope to one day be on the cover of a tattoo magazine!  I’ve been dreaming of that since my first tattoo!!  A small city girl can dream can’t she? LOL


WForrest Photography, Georges Long, BenI-Photography, Sebastien Payette, and Andy Quinlan

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